Want to offer a life skills course and 
are looking for a companion work book and lab?


DigitalMentor has over 70 
hours of life skills course.

Finding it difficult to teach 
language skills to your students 
as you just are not getting 
the right faculty?

Remove the worry off your mind!  

DigitalMentor has a self-learnable 120 
hour course that teaches language 
and communication skills in a way 
that has never done before.

DigitalMentor can be 
a companion to your faculty, 
a stand alone laboratory for 
skill development to your students.

You decide how to use it

It delivers!!!


"Soft skills" is one of the most incorrectly coined names.  They are undoubtedly some of the hardest skills to inculcate!  Obviously, it takes a



Great deal of research


Content development expertise and 


Teaching excellence 



to design programs that inculcate these skills to an average student who is aspiring to succeed.  DigitalMentor is the culmination of all these three efforts and latest world-class multimedia techniques.

DigitalMentor, the most comprehensive career and life skill development program designed for a global student.

It packs the essence of experience that dozens of our faculty members acquired after working with 100s of global corporations and training thousands of students (over 15000 students are undergoing the training as on date).

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“ Employers today look for generic qualifications not specific ones. Companies basically look for people, who can perform and deliver ,rather than brilliant people who will not perform .”

Mr Ram Mohan Rao

General Manager –HR
Hyderabad Industries (C K Birla Group)

DigitalMentor uses case studies, games and activities wrapped with intelligent software.  It teaches all the skills that industries want to see in their employees and the best thing is that your students will not even feel that they are working hard.


DigitalMentor brings


Extremely useful course work

  • Students learn the English language (starting from the very basics to a level where they can comfortably speak, read and write complex material)

  • All the essential communication skills like presentation, team discussion, letter writing

  • Psycho analytical and behavioral techniques to improve the personality and life skills

  • Aspects of career definition and selection and skill set required for growth in the work place

  • Essentials of information technology in today's work place and

  • Entrepreneurial skills that are essential in work place and for business start-ups


An unparalleled learning experience

  • Every course has multimedia interactions, interactive exercises, personal evaluation and assessment tools, simulations and most importantly student centric, nuts and bolts practical approach to all the complex concepts

  • A technology that works even without you realizing that it is working

  • The entire program has over 100 modules and stretch well above 300 hours.

  • The beauty is that your students will be able to use the program at their own pace and work on their weakness and add to their strengths.

Who is it is useful for?


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